Hub Overhaul Class

Learn how to fix a hub on Sunday, 7/23!
Do I need any bike repair knowledge to join this class?
You do need to know how to remove a wheel from your bicycle. Want to teach yourself prior to the classThis video may help. It shows how to remove both quick-release and bolt-on wheels. You can also come by normal shop hours and a volunteer will be glad to help you.
What are symptoms of a hub in need of repair?
Is your wheel hard to turn even though the brakes aren’t touching it? Can you wiggle your wheel side to side even though it’s firmly mounted in the frame? Then you probably have one or more common problems with your hub. This class will teach you how to diagnose and (hopefully) fix some of these common problems, in turn allowing you to turn get more miles out of your wheels and not get as tired when you ride.
When and where can I take this class?
At the Bike Kitchen on Sunday, 7/23/2017 from 10am-12pm.  Please arrive a few minutes early to get signed in.
Yes please! We have a limited number of spaces available. If you show up without RSVP’ing you may join the class *if* there are spaces available. Otherwise priority goes to people who RSVP.
Any other things to know?
  • You are welcome to bring and work on your own wheels, but you can also borrow one of our wheels.
  • If you do work on your own wheels, we cannot guarantee that you will have a rideable wheel at the end of the class, especially if repairing your hub requires replacing any parts that may or may not be available. The class‘s goal is to teach, and not necessarily complete needed repairs (that’s what regular shop hours are for!).
Email for RSVP and class-related questions?

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