As raconteur, actor, and bicyclist extraordinaire Willie Weir puts it:

There are too few of us for any of us to not be an advocate.

In that spirit, here are the groups that are fighting for better bicycling here in Sacramento.

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates
SABA’s mission is more and safer trips by bike. It is an effective, award-winning organization with a long list of accomplishments including getting trails and bike lanes built, better accommodation of bicyclists on Regional Transit and establishing policies for bike parking, showers and lockers at workplaces.

Folsom Area Bicycle Advocates
An offshoot of SABA, FABA formed in 2000 to promote cycling in and around the Folsom area.

Bicycle Advocates of Rancho Cordova
A new group established to promote bicycling in Rancho Cordova, it has already attracted the city’s attention.

California Bicycle Coalition
The state-level advocates for Californian bicyclists, their efforts tend to focus on reforming state laws and regulations and educating judges, police officers, and road users about bicyclists’ rights and safety.

League of American Bicyclists
The LAB has been pushing for cyclists’ rights about as long as there have been cyclists. They provide advocacy, education, and bicycle promotion across all fifty states. They’re the “League” in “League-Certified Instructor”, and they’re the ones who give out that nifty platinum, gold, silver, or bronze level award to cities for their bicycle efforts.