SBK-shopWThe Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen (SBK) is a community-centered bicycle shop serving the residents of Sacramento. The organization was formed in order to promote cycling as a low-cost, alternative form of transportation; enable self-sufficiency through knowledge of bicycle maintenance; and promote bicycle safety through education and classes.

SBK wants to improve bicycling in Sacramento by making bicycle maintenance, repair, and training more widely available to everyone, regardless of skill level. To this end, we provide the space, tools, and staff necessary to help patrons learn how to perform any bicycle repair need they may have, all in exchange for a minimal cash donation. Besides running the bike shop, we also try to offer maintenance and safety classes and community outreach projects.

SBK relies on volunteers and donations to keep our doors open; visit our volunteer page for info on volunteer requirements and our donations page for the why, what, when, hows of donating!

Look for the Ivy

Look for the Ivy near the intersection of 20th & I streets!

UPDATE: SBK is now allowing limited capacity, limited repair DIY during any open shift at manager’s discretion! Limited capacity means only 2 DIY racks available at any given time to allow space for volunteers and shoppers. Limited repairs means we are asking folks to only sign in to do a couple small things at a time and not any major overhauls so that we can get as many DIY patrons seen per day as possible and don’t have to increase our shop fee to $5 per hour as many other co-ops have done. Manager’s discretion means that the DIY racks may not be available at all if we are too busy, short staffed, etc. For general updates, scroll down to view our latest blog posts or visit our Facebook page.

SBK’s doors are open during shop hours to anyone who loves and respects bicycling and their fellow cyclists as much as we do!

Sacramento is one of the most diverse communities in the nation. SBK is an organization that is committed to creating an environment that is free from bigotry and hate. Discrimination will not be tolerated and we try hard to maintain an open and safe environment for all. If you encounter someone that goes against this policy, please bring it to one of the core volunteers’ attention.

Roll into Spring Sale!

You’ve been asking and we’re making it happen, rain or shine! Come on down Saturday, February 18th, between 10am & 2pm and score a new ride just in time for spring! 1/2 off bikes $200 & under. Bikes are as-is and all sales are final. No holds, no trades, cash only.

And don’t forget to bring the little ones along to see what’s available in our FREE kids bikes section!

2022 Annual Winter Closure

SBK will close Saturday, December 17th for our annual winter closure. During this time, volunteers will not only be spending more time with their families for the holidays but will also be working to clean, organize, and complete needed repairs … Continue reading