2022 Annual Winter Closure

SBK will close Saturday, December 17th for our annual winter closure. During this time, volunteers will not only be spending more time with their families for the holidays but will also be working to clean, organize, and complete needed repairs … Continue reading

CLOSED Tuesday, 9/6

It’s too darned hot (and we don’t have AC)! We’ll be closed on Tuesday, 9/6, due to the high temps. Subsequent shifts during this week’s heat wave will be opened (or not) at the discretion of the manager of the … Continue reading

CLOSED Friday, 4/8

Friday shift will be closed today due to lack of volunteer power. This is the reality of a volunteer-run space. If this makes you unhappy, consider becoming a Volunteer–it’s the BEST!!! https://www.sacbikekitchen.org/volunteer/become-a-volunteer Regular shop hours will resume Sunday, 4/10, @ … Continue reading