Find & Contact SBK

Find & Contact SBK


We are located at 1915 I Street in Midtown Sacramento.


UPDATE: We are now allowing limited capacity, limited repair DIY shop time at manager’s discretion. Visit our home page or Facebook page for details & updates.

Check out our calendar for the latest information on our hours. We are normally open during the following days/times:

Tuesday: 6pm-9pm
Wednesday: 7pm-9pm
Friday: 10am-2pm
Sunday: 9am-1pm

***NOTE: All hours are subject to closure should we not have enough volunteer power. This is the reality of a volunteer-run space. If this makes you unhappy, consider becoming a Volunteer–it’s the BEST!!!


Contact Information

The BEST way to contact us with general inquiries is to email .

If you would like to send us mail the old fashioned way we have a post office box:

P.O. Box 188336
Sacramento, CA 95818

We have a telephone in the shop that is (mostly) answered during our open hours:

(916) 538-6697

If you have a parts requests, we’re probably going to ask you to come in the shop yourself; you know what you’re looking for better than our volunteers do, and they’re usually elbows-deep in a bottom bracket anyway.

Public Outreach
We do not currently have an outreach coordinator. Please send an email to if you would like us to come out to your event; please include event details, such as time, date, location, type of event, associated costs, whether a table is provided, etc.

Training and Education
Darren Conly is currently coordinating our class offerings. Class announcements will be posted to the Classes and Home pages of our website as well as to our Facebook page and our calendar (above).

Volunteer Coordination
Karl Lukaszewicz is our volunteer coordinator. Please visit our Become a Volunteer page for answers to frequently asked questions about volunteering. Email us at to inquire about volunteer orientation.

Donation Coordination
While we will happily accept donations during our open shifts, Jay Zott typically organizes and collects unusual donations or large donations from private citizens outside of our normal business hours. Bob Price handles donation inquiries and requests for pick up from businesses.  Please visit our Donations page for answers to frequently asked questions about donating.

Grant Coordination
Sol Mason is our grant coordinator. If you, or your organization are in need of help for a cycling project, or program; let us know how we can help. You project must promote and/or encourage cycling and/or cycling education. Visit our Grants page for more details and contact us at to find out how SBK can help.