Why Donate?

Being bike enthusiasts, we know how hard it can be to get rid of old bike gear. But imagine the second life that old bike or new tool (or money) could have in the hands of a new owner. When you donate to us you know that your donation will lead a full second life, being enjoyed by a new owner or making the ultimate sacrifice and being parted out so that other bikes can be revived and once again roll through city streets and country roads.

Bikes that are donated to SBK can be expected to either:

  • Be sold at an extremely economical price to¬†get more people on bikes and fund SBK services.
  • Be donated to youth in need, whether directly in the shop or indirectly through foster agencies, churches, or¬†other organizations that serve youth and families in need.
  • Be donated to refugees¬†to meet basic transportation needs in job seeking, etc.
  • Be donated to¬†an organization such as Cycles 4 Hope for¬†distribution to home-free individuals and other folks in need.
  • Be parted out and used to either fix up shop bikes for sale or to fill our parts bins to ensure that folks using the shop to fix their bikes have access to the low-cost parts they need.

*Please note that we cannot make individual guarantees as to which of the above paths your donation will travel.

In addition to the psychological and karmic benefits of donating, Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen is also an official 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all of your donations are tax deductible!

And, finally, Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen is run by volunteers and our revenue is generated solely by donations. Without your kindness and generosity we wouldn’t be able to be here building community one bicycle at a time!

How to Donate

Bring any bikes, parts, or related donations down to SBK during any open shop hours.  Donation receipts are available from the clerk upon request.

If you would like to make a larger donation or require assistance with transport, send a message to the donation coordinator and let them know what you’d like to give us and we will see what can be worked out.

What to Donate

We prefer working bikes, parts, and tools; see below for some helpful guidelines. We are also happy to accept monetary donations in the form of cash or donation via our Paypal account. The best donation to make is actually of the greatest value to both you and us: your time!  This place stays afloat because of people that spend their free time helping others. Please consider giving some of yours!

Yeah, We Want It!:

  • Usable bike parts (they don’t have to be clean or complete if we can use the parts)
  • Higher quality bikes (Trek, Specialized, Fuji, Marin, etc.) It doesn’t matter the age, size, or condition if there is still usable stuff on it
  • Bike tools (new, gently used, or fixable)
  • Bike accessories (bells, locks, pumps, shoes, bags, racks, etc.). If donating locks or car racks, please provide keys

Sorry, We Can’t Use It:

  • Lower quality department store bikes (Huffy, Roadmaster, Magna) that are in poor condition (missing many parts, broken bottom bracket, etc.) or rusted out.¬† We are currently overloaded with basic parts and and cannot accept any more department store bikes that are only good for parting out
  • Really rusty or broken stuff of any brand that has no usable parts or is beyond repair

Not sure how to tell?  Ask the shop manager!