Fixing Flats and Adjusting Brakes!

Join us for our entry-level, hands-on maintenance class that will teach you how to fix flat tires and adjust your brakes! The skills you learn in the 2-hour class will help you:

  • Fix a flat tire via tube replacement or patching, along with learning the tools you need to fix a flat on the road (and avoid getting stranded!).
  • Adjust your brakes to increase stopping power, lengthen brake pad life, and diagnose common brake annoyances like rubbing and squeaking.
    No experience is necessary. If you have your own bicycle we encourage you to bring it, but you may also use one of our shop bikes.

Class location and date:
Sac Bike Kitchen
Sunday, 8/27/2017, 10am-12noon

Cost to Attend:
FREE (excluding parts if applicable)

Other things to know:

  • The purpose of the class is to *teach* you how to fix a flat tire and adjust brakes. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to your bicycle during the class nor can we guarantee that you will have a functioning bicycle at the end of the class, especially if your bicycle was not functioning properly prior to the class.
  • We have limited experience working with disc brakes. We will be happy to take a look and apply what knowledge we have, but may not be able to answer all questions you may have about them.

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