Women, Trans, Femme (WTF)

Women, Trans, Femme (WTF)


WTF Night is a special event to provide a safe, supportive space for all who identify as women, transgender, and femme to learn about bikes and bike mechanics. 

WTF Night occurs once a month, usually the last weekend of the month in the afternoon. Email WTF@SacBikeKitchen.org to receive updates on WTF Nights and events. 

Extracting Crank Arms

Borrowing words from fellow DIY bike cooperative, BICAS in Tuscon, AR:

Bicycle maintenance has traditionally been an overwhelmingly (cis)male-dominated area. It is our goal to help teach individuals who have been marginalized or intimidated in this setting to be knowledgeable and confident working on their bikes. 

On a daily basis, SBK strives to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all, while also recognizing the benefits of offering women, trans & femme-specific hours as a stepping stone to achieving greater confidence working in our space throughout the week.


This space is for:

Women: A person who identifies as a woman.

Trans: Transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gender creative, anyone whose gender identity is fluid, transgressive, and/or transitioning.

Femme: A gender identity in which a person of any gender embodies a feminine appearance, expression, or identity.

If you are not WTF identified, BECOME AN ALLY:

  • Respect the space: Come during our regular hours, don’t ask for an exception, and don’t hang around the entrance during WTF hours.
  • Respect People: During SBK’s regular hours, treat all female & trans mechanics and patrons as you would any other person (don’t assume they’re less knowledgeable, don’t call them “sweetie,” and NEVER take a wrench out of their hand!)
  • Get Educated: Learn about the issues facing women and trans communities.
  • Educate others: About why and how to be an ally!

Questions or comments? Want to host an event or workshop? Contact us: WTF@SacBikeKitchen.org