Fixing Flats and Adjusting Brakes!

Join us for our entry-level, hands-on maintenance class that will teach you how to fix flat tires and adjust your brakes! The skills you learn in the 2-hour class will help you:

  • Fix a flat tire via tube replacement or patching, along with learning the tools you need to fix a flat on the road (and avoid getting stranded!).
  • Adjust your brakes to increase stopping power, lengthen brake pad life, and diagnose common brake annoyances like rubbing and squeaking.
    No experience is necessary. If you have your own bicycle we encourage you to bring it, but you may also use one of our shop bikes.

Class location and date:
Sac Bike Kitchen
Sunday, 8/27/2017, 10am-12noon

Cost to Attend:
FREE (excluding parts if applicable)

Other things to know:

  • The purpose of the class is to *teach* you how to fix a flat tire and adjust brakes. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to your bicycle during the class nor can we guarantee that you will have a functioning bicycle at the end of the class, especially if your bicycle was not functioning properly prior to the class.
  • We have limited experience working with disc brakes. We will be happy to take a look and apply what knowledge we have, but may not be able to answer all questions you may have about them.

Great! Please RSVP to

Hub Overhaul Class

Learn how to fix a hub on Sunday, 7/23!
Do I need any bike repair knowledge to join this class?
You do need to know how to remove a wheel from your bicycle. Want to teach yourself prior to the classThis video may help. It shows how to remove both quick-release and bolt-on wheels. You can also come by normal shop hours and a volunteer will be glad to help you.
What are symptoms of a hub in need of repair?
Is your wheel hard to turn even though the brakes aren’t touching it? Can you wiggle your wheel side to side even though it’s firmly mounted in the frame? Then you probably have one or more common problems with your hub. This class will teach you how to diagnose and (hopefully) fix some of these common problems, in turn allowing you to turn get more miles out of your wheels and not get as tired when you ride.
When and where can I take this class?
At the Bike Kitchen on Sunday, 7/23/2017 from 10am-12pm.  Please arrive a few minutes early to get signed in.
Yes please! We have a limited number of spaces available. If you show up without RSVP’ing you may join the class *if* there are spaces available. Otherwise priority goes to people who RSVP.
Any other things to know?
  • You are welcome to bring and work on your own wheels, but you can also borrow one of our wheels.
  • If you do work on your own wheels, we cannot guarantee that you will have a rideable wheel at the end of the class, especially if repairing your hub requires replacing any parts that may or may not be available. The class‘s goal is to teach, and not necessarily complete needed repairs (that’s what regular shop hours are for!).
Email for RSVP and class-related questions?

All Things Shifting!

Do you move your shift lever and nothing happens? Or does too much happen? Does your chain seem to have a mind of its own, jumping from one gear to the next? If so, come to our next maintenance class and we can show you how to diagnose common shifter and derailleur ailments along with tips for curing them.
When: Sunday, 6/18, 10am-12pm
Where: At the Bike Kitchen, 1915 I Street
Participants should bring their own bikes if they have them, but this is not a requirement. Also, please remember that the primary purpose of the class is to teach and that you may not have time to complete repairs on your bicycle during the time allotted for the class.  As usual, classes are free but donations are welcome.  
If interested, please RSVP at

***Update–CLASS FULL*** Basic Maintenance Class

***UPDATE- This class is now full but another will be announced shortly so stay tuned!***
June 4th 10am-12pmish
This class will cover bicycle part and tool terminology, flat repair, and brake adjustment (as time allows).  Participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes, if they have one. 
As this is a hands-on class, it is limited to 6 participants; please email to RSVP.  There is no fee for this class. Please arrive a few minutes early to allow for the sign in process and to ensure you don’t lose your spot to a waitlister.
Please note: Given the limited class time, we cannot guarantee that bikes will be rideable by the end of the class.  

Wheel Building Series – June 3, 10, 17 

Prerequisites:  Must be familiar with hub maintenance and wheel truing techniques.
June 3, 2017, Saturday, 0900-1200 
Orientation (mandatory attendance, no exceptions)
  • Why build your own wheels
  • Wheel lacing patterns
  • Spoke and nipple types
  • Wheel building tools
June 10, 2017, Saturday, 0900-1200  
  • Spoke length calculation
  • Rim and spoke prep
  • Wheel lacing techniques
June 17, 2017, Saturday, 0900-1200  
  • Spoke tensioning techniques
  • Dishing, achieving equal tension
  • Finalizing wheel build
No RSVP required. All questions regarding sessions will be addressed at the orientation. 
We only have three truing stands so, unless attendees bring their own, allocation will be determined by lottery. Attendees that do not have a stand to use are still welcome to watch, listen, and learn during these sections.
Because of the logistics of these seminars (checking participants in, security and safety of demo props, etc…), once the session begins, no late comers are allowed to join the session. 

Basic Maintenance Classes–Suspended for Winter

Third Monday Basic Maintenance classes are now over for the year.  Classes will resume in the spring, check back on our website and Facebook page for updates.

bike framework_maintenance

The Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen will be hosting a Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class on the third (3rd) Monday of every month at 6:30-7:30 PM. First class – May 16, 2016.

Basic bicycle maintenance: Level A
* Bring your own bike for hands-on experience
* Bike component identification.
* Pre-ride bike safety check.
* Clean and lube the drive train for a quiet, smooth ride, and to prevent wear & tear.
* Recommended tools and how to change an inner tube/fix-a-flat.

Classes are FREE.  No need to RSVP.  Please arrive a few minutes early to complete our waiver and sign in process.

Neglecting maintenance on you bike can result in an expensive trip to your local bicycle shop. These classes provide an opportunity to learn the basic maintenance skills necessary to keep your bike on the road, out of the shop, and avoid expensive repairs.

Come down and see what our shop has to offer.  

Derailleur Adjustment Class

Got noise, chatter, slipping, ticking, or clicking when you ride your bike? Or does your bike just not shift period? SBK is offering a basic derailleur adjustment class on Saturday, November 28, 2015, 10am-12pm. No need to RSVP, just show up. Classes are free, however, donations are always welcome.

Hub Maintenance Class

Freewheel Hub Cut Apart
In preparation for the wet season, we will be holding a short hub maintenance class on Tuesday, October 13th from 5pm-6pm. This will be a lecture-based class; you do not need to bring any bikes or parts.
No RSVP necessary. Please show up a few minutes early so we can start on time.

Basic Maintenance Troubleshooting Class

Saturday, September 19th, at 2:30pm.  No RSVP necessary.  Class will start promptly at 2:30pm and last for approximately an hour.  Please arrive a few minutes early to get signed in.

This class is a basic bicycle maintenance class. We will cover the basic daily check list for maintaining a bike in a safe rideable condition. 

No experience necessary. No dissasembly of any components or bike will be performed. Troubleshooting problems will be covered, but not the actual procedure for remedy.