Drivetrain Adjustment and Maintenance Class!

Join us for our entry-level, hands-on maintenance class that will teach you how to adjust your bike’s gear shifting system to improve shifting reliability and diagnose common problems like chain skipping. The skills you learn in the 2-hour class will help you:

  • Learn key steps to adjust your rear and front derailleurs

  • Check how worn your chain is and whether it needs replacing

  • Diagnose common issues that relate to sluggish shifting, chain skipping, and rubbing noises coming from the drive train.

If you have your own bicycle we encourage you to bring it because we want you to learn how to fix *your* bike, but you may also use one of our shop bikes.

Class location and date:

Sac Bike Kitchen
Monday, 6/18/2018, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Cost to attend:

FREE (excluding parts if applicable)

Other things to know:

  • The purpose of all SBK classes is to *teach* you how to perform bicycle repairs. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any damage your bicycle may incur during the class nor can we guarantee that you will have a functioning bicycle at the end of the class, especially if your bicycle was not functioning properly prior to the class.

  • We have experience working with a variety of bicycles, but not all of them! If you surprise us with some exotic machine we’ve never seen before we’ll be happy to take a look at it and may even want to take some pictures, but we can’t guarantee we’ll know what’s best for it mechanically.


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Sales Only Saturday 6/2/18

Following on the success of our Spring Velo Swap and previous Sales Only Saturday, this Saturday, 6/2/18, will again be open for sales only. So, if you’ve been thinking about buying a bike or parts but feel like you need a little extra help, this would be a great day to stop by! Regular bike workshop hours will resume on Tuesday at 6pm.

Psst…You didn’t hear it from me but we are expecting an large donation Saturday morning so there will be LOTS of fresh pickins that we will be motivated to move quickly due to storage limitations!

CLOSED for Staff Ride

SBK will be closed Thursday, May 17th, for our monthly volunteer appreciation staff ride.  Regular shop hours will resume Friday at 10am.