How to Help


We offer official sponsorships and advertising opportunities on our website and in the shop. The advertising starts on the Second Saturday of each month and lasts for one month. We prefer local groups and businesses for these opportunities. The cost for these advertisements vary and we will consider bartering as well as cash contributions. A great example of a barter was when Masullo Pizza donated pizza to a fundraiser. We decided to recognize that contributions with an ad and link on our website. Our website is visited by a large number of people and we regularly get on average of over 300 hits per day. If you are interested in sponsoring us please send us a note describing your business and ideas.


We also accept cash, bikes, tools, and parts as donations. If you have a bike that is gathering dust in your garage you can either bring it in to fix it or you can donate it to us so we can find a new home for it. Your donations are tax deductible and we will give you a receipt at donation time. If you are interested in donating something to use please bring your donation to the shop during our regular hours.

If you are interested in volunteering please see this page.

Artists and Musicians

We have regular fundraisers and parties at our shop. We are always looking for bike friendly artists and musicians to perform or show their work at these events. Our monthly Second Saturday event regularly has hundreds of guests. If you are interested please contact us.